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startups and SUSTAINING them

I have formed founding and sustaining teams for a $7 million dollar community center, an open water swimming nonprofit raising funds for ALS research and a nonprofit with the mission of adoption and education of children in foster care.

Favorite Project:

Let It Be Us

digital marketinG Architecture

Your digital marketing strategy, including social media and technical/creative online publishing, instantly establishes you as an expert in your field and differentiates you from your competition. 

Favorite Project:

Barrington's White House


Traveling the globe either managing the creative side for an open water marathon swimmer or documenting Italy's Fashion Week for a publisher, media plays a critical role as its power is archival, keeping your work current and relevant - whether online or in traditional print. 

Favorite Project:

A Long Swim



I founded Let It Be Us to develop powerful tools to help children become adopted from foster care in the State of Illinois.  The fact that Illinois ranks #1 in the nation for lagging in adoptions from foster care is a hard fact to take. Together with a talented group of experts in foster care, adoption, marketing, fundraising, traditional and social media, I founded Let It Be Us- the first nonprofit of its kind. Built with a true entrepreneurial spirit, our work is applauded by social workers and adoption recruiters. We have forged partnerships with the State of Illinois, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and social service agencies. By designing innovative programs and digital tools and we're changing the trajectory of lives.  WATCH

I am the mother of four children, three of them by adoption. As a humanitarian and tireless advocate, Let It Be Us has allowed me an incredible platform on which to make a difference in the world of foster care and adoption from foster care.

A Long Swim Logo.png

A Long Swim is a nonprofit that uses open water and marathon swimming to raise awareness and funds for ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease. This team's swimmer - Douglas McConnell - has conquered the English Channel, the Catalina Channel and has circumnavigated the Island of Manhattan - earning the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and has raised over $400,000 for ALS research, dedicated to the groundbreaking and collaborative research at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, one of the top ALS research laboratories in the world. 


                                          Barrington's White House

                                         Barrington's White House

Barrington's White House is a project raising $7 million to create the first community center in a community that that longed for a place to gather.  This masterpiece is now open to the public and is located in Barrington, Illinois. 


"if it's printed, it's probably more important"

A believer in social media, it's traditional media that you hold in your hands and place on your living room coffee table.  As a contributor to Quintessential Barrington Magazine my work has introduced new businesses to the community and told stories of far away places. As my work is sometimes seen in newspapers and publications across the country, it's in this regional magazine that my work is most often seen. It's called traditional media and it's an important part of an innovative marketing strategy.  


Meet Susan McConnell

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I prefer difficult projects. My MBA from DePaul University specializes in Human Resources and I am a graduate of Cornell University's Women in Leadership Program. Most of my consulting roles include startups, digital marketing, social media, human resources, team building, philanthropy, and publishing. Please complete the contact form below or email me at susan@susanmcconnellcreative.com

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