"Her work brings my world
to the highest level." 


social media communications

Sharing your story or project through social media allows you to curate your audience while delivering your message. Every story is important and it matters how and when it's told.  Making it happen live on social media also doubles down on your message and audiences love it.

Favorite Project:

Let It Be Us

digital and social marketing

Blogs, news and event pages on your website make your site work for you by strengthening SEO and archiving your content.  This type of publishing is both technical and creative. It instantly establishes you as an expert in your field.

Favorite Project:

Barrington's White House

Photography & Creative Writing

My work takes me around the globe either managing the creative side for a swimmer crossing the English Channel or traveling with a magazine to Italy for fashion week.  Traditional media still has a critical role in innovative marketing strategies. It has a power that is archival. 

Favorite Project:

A Long Swim