a new nonprofit for a forgotten cause 


For the State of Illinois I have photographed children available for adoption for over a decade. I can tell you that they are adorable and that they are adoptable. The fact is that no matter how great my work was - they didn't get adopted. These children needed more than a photograph to change the course of their lives. Together with a talented group of experts in foster care, adoption, marketing, fundraising, traditional and social media, I founded Let It Be Us - the first nonprofit of its kind. Built with a true entrepreneurial spirit, our work is applauded by social workers and adoption recruiters. We have forged partnerships with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and social service agencies designing programs and tools that solve the problems which place Illinois as #3 in the United States for the number of children in foster care who never find forever families. We're changing that statistic. We're changing the trajectory of lives.  WATCH

I am the mother of four children, three of them by adoption. As a humanitarian and tireless advocate, Let It Be Us has allowed me an incredible platform on which to make a difference in the world of foster care and adoption from foster care.