a new nonprofit for a forgotten cause 


Let it Be Us is a nonprofit dedicated to the adoption and education of children within the Illinois foster care system.  Let it Be Us envisions a future in which our most vulnerable children have the opportunities and resources they need which can best be met by belonging in a family. And for those who will not be adopted, we believe that if we arm them with an education provided through mentorship, we have  have afforded them with a true gift. 

We know that in the State of Illinois there are about 17,000 children in foster care and, according to the University of Chicago, 54% of them will never return home. We also know that for very moment a child waits in foster care, the less likely he or she is to be adopted. The U of C study reports that of those children aging out of foster care, only 50% will do so with a high school diploma. 97% will never get to college. And here's the clincher ... 45% of the girls will be pregnant by age 19.  

We've forged partnerships with the State of Illinois, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and social service agencies across the state. 


designing innovative programs and digital tools that solve this problem which places Illinois as #3 in the United States for the number of children in foster care who never be adopted. We're changing that statistic. We're changing the trajectory of lives.  WATCH

I am the mother of four children, three of them by adoption. As a humanitarian and tireless advocate, Let It Be Us has allowed me an incredible platform on which to make a difference in the world of foster care and adoption from foster care. 


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