creativity takes courage ... 


Raised in rural Northern New York in the middle of nowhere, making order out of the surrounding grace and solitude was a beautiful opportunity.  Think vast, cold, snow, people you love. I used education as an opportunity to make a difference in the larger world and I've worked with some of the best organizations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Martha's Vineyard and Chicago. 

I work on campaigns for nonprofits, for profit corporations, publishers, and passion projects.  My work has raised millions for philanthropic endeavors - winning many awards.

"Susan's choreographed chronicles are used to build awareness and garner support for efforts that may otherwise be silent. Her documentation of a swimmer conquering the English Channel led the way for ALS fundraising through athletic events. Her commitment to communicating and archiving the building of a community center, in a town that never had one, helped to raise $7 million."

As a mother of four children, three by adoption, I founded a unique nonprofit to address the fact that Illinois has almost 17,000 children in foster care and 54% of them will never return home. We've designed programming that directly addresses the need for adoption and educational opportunities for these children and we've become partners with the State of Illinois, the State's Department of Children and Family Services and every social service agency across the State. It is over the struggle that Illinois ranks as one of the lowest in affording these children adoption and educational opportunities that I founded Let It Be Us, the first nonprofit of its kind in Illinois and, I believe, the world.