Fine Art Prints 

Fine Art Prints are hand crafted and developed by a master printer in New York. Archival gallery prints are available on watercolor paper with the option of hand torn edges. I directly oversee this process and can provide a quote on this custom work.  All fine art prints are thickly matted with white, grey or black and each is named, hand signed and numbered.  All prints are limited editions.   

Hawaii's Ka'iwi Channel

One of the world's expert open water swimmers tackles one of the world's most difficult open water marathon swims - the "channel of bones." 


Chicago's Board of Trade

This image was created prior to the closing of the Board of Trade. This "best of show" awarded image is black & white with a tinted flag & widow.

New York City - From the Water

Following an open water swimmer shows me some unbelievable views, like the sunrise over New York.