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social media communications

Sharing your story or project through social media allows you to curate your audience while delivering your message. Every story is important and it matters how and when it's told.  Making it happen live on social media also doubles down on your message and audiences love it.

Favorite Project:

Let It Be Us

digital and social marketing

Blogs, news and event pages on your website make your site work for you by strengthening SEO and archiving your content.  This type of publishing is both technical and creative. It instantly establishes you as an expert in your field.

Favorite Project:

Barrington's White House

Photography & Creative Writing

My work takes me around the globe either managing the creative side for a swimmer crossing the English Channel or traveling with a magazine to Italy for fashion week.  Traditional media still has a critical role in innovative marketing strategies. It has a power that is archival. 

Favorite Project:

A Long Swim

a new nonprofit for a forgotten cause 


For the State of Illinois I have photographed children available for adoption for over a decade. I can tell you that they are adorable and that they are adoptable. The fact is that no matter how great my work was - they didn't get adopted. These children needed more than a photograph to change the course of their lives. Together with a talented group of experts in foster care, adoption, marketing, fundraising, traditional and social media, I founded Let It Be Us - the first nonprofit of its kind. Built with a true entrepreneurial spirit, our work is applauded by social workers and adoption recruiters. We have forged partnerships with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and social service agencies designing programs and tools that solve the problems which place Illinois as #3 in the United States for the number of children in foster care who never find forever families. We're changing that statistic. We're changing the trajectory of lives.  WATCH

I am the mother of four children, three of them by adoption. As a humanitarian and tireless advocate, Let It Be Us has allowed me an incredible platform on which to make a difference in the world of foster care and adoption from foster care. 



"if it's printed, it's probably more important"


A believer in social media, it's traditional media that you hold in your hands and place on your living room coffee table.  As a contributor to Quintessential Barrington Magazine my work has introduced new businesses to the community and told stories of far away places. As my work is sometimes seen in newspapers and publications across the country, it's in this regional magazine that my work is most often seen. It's called traditional media and it's an important part of an innovative marketing strategy.  


an historical home becomes a community center


Barrington's White House is a project raising over $6 million to create the first community center in a community that that longed for a place to gather.  Documenting the transformation in both photographs, video and creative writing for use in traditional and social medial, the masterpiece is now open to the public.  



curating photography for private collections ... 


Can you imagine a woman's home filled with exceptional photographs of her children?  Now imagine her home when her children are all but grown and gone. She invested in irreplaceable memories that will surround her for the rest of her life.  


it's your time


Starting a project, coming to life, getting started and documenting along the way.  Setting the curve in athletic event fundraising for ALS or circumnavigating the United States on a bicycle for charity - it's our time. Visit Ride for 3 Reasons. 



creativity takes courage ... 


Raised in rural Northern New York in the middle of nowhere, making order out of the surrounding grace and solitude, I crafted photography and writing. Think vast, cold, snow, people you love.

Telling stories with a purpose, I work on campaigns for personal, commercial, editorial and passion projects.  My marketing work has raised millions for philanthropic endeavors - winning many awards.  

"Susan's choreographed chronicles are used to build awareness and garner support for efforts that may otherwise be silent. Her documentation of a swimmer conquering the English Channel paved the way for ALS fundraising through athletic events. Her commitment to communicating and archiving the building of a community center, in a town that never had one, helped to raise over $6 million."

As an adoptive mother, I accepted the opportunity to document children within the foster care system who were available for adoption. Over the years I saw that these very adoptable children struggled in foster care and never found their forever families. It was out of this struggle that I founded Let It Be Us, the first nonprofit of its kind in Illinois.

her work ... her connections

I am currently working on creatively editing a book for a major political figure and that work will appear in 2017.  I am also setting the stage for an inspirational speaker to fill a calendar full of venues. I love the excitement of new projects and startups.  Contact me here.

The most trusted man in America, constantly holding court on Martha's Vineyard.

The most trusted man in America, constantly holding court on Martha's Vineyard.

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designing campaigns/launches for projects and startups
photography and creative writing for traditional media & social media
differential in environmental portraits
blog, news page and event page design for SEO, content archiving, and communicating with your audience
technology and creativity - wild and disciplined 

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